Comment choisir une tablette?

I am now prepared to buy a tablette android pas cher, I lost the ability to think when I searched the Internet for Tablet PC information when a numerous flat-panel informations display in front of me. So I was determined to be sure to select the most suitable for my ainol novo7 aurora ii on the Internet. Now I can share with you I purchased a tablette pc.

First, we must find the tablette pc, including what you want to do with it, you like what kind of appearance, size, and flat models.
If you are one who is testing the tablet waters and doesn’t want to drop Rs. 35K on an iPad, we have just the thing for you – a buying guide for the beginner tablet enthusiast.

We’ve taken a comprehensive look at all the budget tablets we’ve tested, to ensure our findings are based on real-world experience, and not just specifications on paper – so don’t take our findings with a pinch of salt.

android 4.1 tablette tactile



Next, we must note that the internal structure of the tablet. It includes the following aspects:

The processor under the hood does not really vary very much in the budget category – they are usually single-core processors, clocked between 1GHz and 1.5GHz.

The only two budget tablets with dual core processors that we have tested are the BlackBerry Playbook and the Mercury mTab Neo2 .

If you go in for one of the mid-range or top-end billige tablette pc in the market instead, you will definitely get a lot more processing power than what is mentioned above, but the real question is do you really need that much power under the hood? It depends on what you intend to do with the tablet.

2,Features and Connectivity
The connectivity options available on most of these tablets are almost standard. Apart from the BlackBerry PlayBook, which can be charged via the microUSB port, the other devices have a DC IN jack for charging the battery. This is a bit of a letdown, as microUSB has become an unspoken standard for charging smartphones and tablet devices.

Many of the tablets that have been recently launched have the ability to house a SIM card. This not only lets you use your mobile data on the go, but lets the device double up as a phone as well. The Zync Z999 Plus, iberry AUXUS AX03G and the Mercury mTab Neo2 have the ability to house a SIM card. Other devices such as the iBall Slide, iberry AUXUS AX02, Micromax Funbook do not house a SIM card slot.

For such devices, it is necessary for you to have a USB 2G/3G dongle to connect to the Internet, apart from of course, using Wi-Fi. Not all the devices have a full-sized USB port – the ones that do not, usually come with a converter, so you can connect an Internet dongle to the device. It is a bit of an inconvenience to have a USB dongle sticking out of the device but that is the price to pay with a smaller budget.

3,Screen Size and Quality
As we mentioned earlier, most of the budget tablets have opted for the tablette tactile 7 pouces screen size form factor except the Intex iTab, which has an 8-inch display. The resolution of the 7-inch displays is 480×800. The resolution isn’t the best there is but it gets the job done for all the tasks.

All the displays suffer from the same problem – they are easily susceptible to glare.And the china tablette pc play videos very well and perform everyday activities such as email, and browsing images or web pages, adequately.

Finally, these are my judge, then I would also like to find more ways to shop for a better tablette pc.And I hope that these methods can give you a good reference value,especially if this is your first tablet purchase.


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